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PRE-ORDER! Chocolate Picnic Box

Summertime is here! Our Chocolate Picnic Boxes are here for the tasting. Make gourmet chocolate s’mores with 72% Araguani dark chocolate Bookmarks and small-batch sea salt caramels with our vegan Lemon Meringue marshmallows.

Our Chocolate Dessert Salami is made of only delicious dark chocolate. Choose a gluten free salami or the non-gluten free option. The non-GF Chocolate Dessert Salami consists of pistachio, dried cherry, and European biscuit chocolate dessert salami alone or pair it with items in your one of a kind dessert box.

Keep the ice packs that come with a complimentary Belle Monde Chocolates insulated lunch bag with side pockets and a zip top.

Enjoy the new Ruby chocolate with its flecks of rose petals and edible gold leaf. Ruby chocolate is the new fourth type of chocolate that has a strawberry tang flavor.

To make this box a completely perfect tasting box we’ve included the freshly picked mulberries and peaches earlier in the summer to make our palate cleansing French pate de fruit. These fruit jellies can be cut into fourths so that you can share this treat as you indulge your taste buds.

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