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Belle Monde Chocolates is a shop that values community. Our goal is to educate through workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and tastings around the country. As a chocolate maker, we take our responsibility to share the culture, history, and impact chocolate purchase and consumption have on everyone.

Explore. Discover. Taste.

Belle Monde Chocolates creates chocolate gifts, dairy-free candies, plant-based dessert spreads, and vegan beverages.

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Small, but Mighty.

Belle Monde is staffed with a Bittersweet Army of One. But we are known around the world for creating signature collections like our unique and perfectly paired Valentine’s Bonbon Box

In addition, we believe in building stronger communities globally and locally including partnering with local small businesses to use the freshest ingredients. We purchase our ethically-sourced fine chocolate directly from Cacao Farmers from around the world. 

Our goal is to create a world of flavor in each bite.

Our Philosophy

Empower. Connect. Grow.

    • Empower – We believe in sharing knowledge about chocolate making, origins of ingredients, and creating delights based on your feedback. You support. We listen. From our imagination, we create whimsical, decadent, and perfectly paired chocolates for you. Whether it’s a comfort sweet you crave or our innovative flavors and pairings, Belle Monde Chocolates is here for chocolate lovers all over the globe.
    • Connect – Belle Monde Chocolates believes people are more than their consumer profiles. Chocolate draws people together. Each person supporting the efforts of societal equanimity, environmental, and sustainability is considered a member of our Bittersweet Army. This army, this chocolate revolution, celebrates product transparency while enjoying high-quality indulgences without guilt.
    • Grow – We strive to grow through education with a focus on fun, approachability, tastings, and workshops. 

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